Anora is a world innovative
product for blind people.

We are a close team of creative professionals based in Science Technology park in Belgrade.
Our passion is about creating innovative product that helps blind people do everyday activities more easily, providing them a device with more than 9 functions in a click of a button.

Main Anora functions

Real-time orientation

By constant distance measurement in relation to objects of the user by the vibrational feedback we inform about the distance to which objects are located. Accordingly, if the objects are farther away, the glove is less vibrating, for objects that are closer to the user, glove will vibrate with increasing intensity.

Light intensity detection

Glove vibrates according to the intensity of light emitted on it (this is, for example, very useful if there are more sources of light in the room, lamps, etc.).

Date and time

The glove is synchronized with the mobile phone clock during first connection, and at the request of the user, it is correctly pronounced the current date and hour and minute.

Color detection

By using a camera integrated in the glove, the user is able to, at the request - pressing a mechanical button on the glove, receive a voice feedback from the glove itself which is the name of the color of the object in which the glove is pointed or held in the hand.

Mobile phone connectivity

To perform some functions and to process information, our application is used on a phone that automatically connects to the glove when it is switched on. Also, the phone is used to update the firmware that is on the glove.

Banknote detection

By using the camera, the user has the ability to determine what is the value of the bank
note and what is the currency of it (RSD, EUR, USD), and gloves pronounce both these data instantly to the

Panic button

If the user get lost, or in any way senses that he is in danger, he has the option to call the guardian or friend for help on request (push the combination of a button on the glove) so that the guardian will be automatically sent an SMS with the text that user needs help and precise information about where it is located (link to the map where the location can be viewed in message)

Easy Desinfection and usage

Due to highly innovative industrial design, case with electronics can be deatached form glove itself, so the glove can be desinfected, cleaned or swapped for another. This helps blind people maintain higiene, but also slows spreading of COVID-19 (and relative) infections.

Multilingual support

All of our gloves support multiple languages that can be added easily in a future based on markets that we are entering. Currently, we have developed gloves for English, Slovak, German, Spanish, Slovenian, Bosnian and Serbian languages,, that can be hot swapped in any time while using glove.

Product overview

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